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We have professional certified males and females trainers. Best experienced to help you transform your body. Offers you modern gym and fitness facilities. We have the latest gym equipment. Our machines have perfect biomechanisms. We have designed our machines through our 20 years of experience.

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Keep in touch. If you want to avail our services, please contact us on the following numbers. Here you need to submit your data which will be useful for us to prepare the perfect diet plan for you.
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Gurbhej Singh Guri

Mr.olympia Gurbhej singh He became famous for his strong perseverance and hard work. Success is not always about greatness. its about consistency consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come. Bodybuilding takes a great amount of effort and time to reach the desired results

Mr.Guri is a famous Indian bodybuilder. A fitness icon and owner of Gym, he is well known among fitness freaks and bodybuilders. The first bodybuilding competition Guri participated in was in his local district In 2006. He won mr.malwa and mr.muktsar .and junior mr.punjab in 2012.


Sunny Prashar

Our well known trainer of the Gym.
He creates tailor fitness and Wellness plans for individuals and groups. He assigns exercise routine based on clients’ physical need and personally monitor their progress . He maintains connent with his clients and keep their heart and mind open for themselves. He deeply care about the results of training that he gives to all his ream members and genuinely cares about his learners. He has a professional quality of a good trainer which empowers him to communicate, knowledge, support learners and take responsibility for the result.
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Schedule For Women , All House Wifes , Girls , Can Be Also fit

“I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success”
After 2 C sections and mother of one daughter its not that much easy but great thing come from hard work and perseverance.
These are the motivational words of our Lady Trainer. She is a role model for many .
” It is easy to find strong women. But not the toughest ones” Pawan is such a tough fight for all the trainers of the Gym that you can find. According to her, if you want a beautiful body, then you have to be ready for the pain. Because beauty comes with dedication, hard work and of course the confidence in oneself. That is the mantra for success . You can’t be beautiful if you are not physically and mentally strong. Pawan is going to shape you into a beautiful soul.
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Jagseer Singh PT Student

Shredzz 365 Team (GURBHEJ KHOSA GURI) very hardworking team hai.Eh apne har ik client lai bhut loyal ne.j tusi diet lai affordable nhi ho.Shredzz team thude budget de hisab nal diet plan bna dinde aa.Really Bhut Vadiya Experience raha team nal.Bhut kuj health fitness lai sikhn nu milaya..

Jashan Gulbadhar Weight Lifter Student

Jive ki thonu sab nu pta Mai phla boht fatty te unfit hunda c.Te Mai ek vaar galt guidance da v shikar hoya.Mai pichle 2 saal toh ohna under train kr reha te hun mainu koi problem nhi te is de bavjod v mere strength power te body ch v kaffi fark eh bai gurbhej krke possible hoya.

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